Vermont bails on its state exchange. *Temporarily*, of course.

Not with a bang, but a whimper.

In the final pages of a law enacted in 2012, the [Vermont] Legislature spelled out a safety valve the Shumlin administration could use if the online health insurance marketplace then under development failed to operate as intended when it opened for business in 2013.

Vermont’s new insurance marketplace, like its federal counterpart, had a rocky launch Oct. 1 and remains plagued with glitches.

After trying to remain upbeat despite a month of malfunctions, Gov. Peter Shumlin last week invoked the legal safety mechanism that will give thousands of Vermonters the option to temporarily bypass Vermont Health Connect to obtain health insurance coverage for 2014.

They spent $170 million on that sucker, by the way. …And what else can I add to that? – Except to note that there are few things so permanent as a temporary delay.

Moe Lane

PS: These guys want to go single-payer. …And I am trying, and failing, to come up with a sentence that has more pure idiocy in it than is in that simple, straightforward observation.



5 thoughts on “Vermont bails on its state exchange. *Temporarily*, of course.”

  1. Given their record with simply brokering the sale of insurance, who but an idiot would trust them to handle single-payer?

  2. (Runs in to website)
    Hey, Moe
    (breathing heavily)
    (looking totally ridiculous with Snoopy dance)
    Just wanted to share this with you
    I’ve been telling folks for months on end that O-care is one of the most poorly-constructed pieces of legislation passed into law that could ever, EVER be envisioned
    Just excited to see someone else reinforcing how true this is
    Sorry to interrupt
    (Runs out again)

  3. They spent over $250 for every man, woman, child and whatever in Vermont, over $1,000 for each family of four, to create a web site and it failed. I wonder how much more they will spent just to make if marginally functional?

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