Quote of the Day, The National Journal Goes The Other Kind Of Blue edition.

Such language!  Tut, tut:

For the crisis to be lifted, credibility has to be restored. In 2008, I remember Obama telling town-hall audience after town-hall audience the hallmark of his politics would be candor. Said Obama: “What we need from the next president is somebody who will not just tell you what they think you want to hear but will tell you what you need to hear.”

What the public needs to hear is that insurance plans change, and that, in some cases, Americans won’t be able to keep the plan Obama promised they could keep. What the public needs to hear is how few people have enrolled on the federal health care website and what the administration will do to increase enrollment. What the public needs to hear is that website privacy, compromised by the poor initial design, is locked down. What the public needs to hear is something as declarative, direct, and memorable as this.

Obama has to eat those words. It won’t be easy. And the president is off to a bad start.

“In politics, when you have to eat shit, you don’t nibble,” said Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis.

What makes this particular sh*t sandwich so delectable to serve, of course, is that Barack Obama is unused to having to eat his words.  He’s not even particularly experienced in having other people eat his words.  And he’s certainly not used to having it all on tape.

It’s bad when you can use the other side’s old agitprop against them without ever changing a word.  2009 seems so far away, now, huh?

Moe Lane

PS: So was the White House lying then about you keeping your plan, or are they lying now? – Because they’re lying somewhere.


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