So, it looks like Adblock Plus hates

The latest version of it blocks Amazon’s embedded product ads.  So if you can’t see this (this being a link to Terry Pratchett’s The Carpet People):

…that’s why*.

You will forgive me for finding this slightly obnoxious: I hate popups and popunders as much as the next person, but ad revenue pays for the site hosting fees and Amazon referrals help keep me motivated to post.  …And I’m almost certainly repeating a perpetually common complaint made by website operators who have just had their own ox gored by anti-ad software that was forced to evolve under fairly draconian conditions, so I suppose I should shut up now.

Moe Lane

*Fixing it is easy enough:


3 thoughts on “So, it looks like Adblock Plus hates”

  1. Adblock Plus is overkill but what else gets rid of the pop-under? I get paranoid with the though of a window I have not even seen hanging out on my machine for however long it takes for me to notice.

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