National Journal kind of admits the job is too much for @BarackObama.

Like John Ekdahl, I sourly love titles like these:

Does the President Alone Have the Power to Heal the Economy?

…because they’re semantically equivalent to Man, but this Democrat that we’ve got running things pretty much sucks at [Insert topic here]. The rule is: When it’s a Republican, he’s failed the country; when it’s a Democrat, the country’s failed him. Honestly, after a while you almost forget that you’re translating as you go: sort of like the way that if you don’t see a disgraced politician’s party allegiance in the first ten paragraphs or so, you know that he’s a Democrat. It’s still obnoxious, but it loses some of its bite after the ten thousandth time, you know what I mean?

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Moe Lane


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