Tweet of the Day, He Ain’t Getting Those Voters Back edition.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Don’t get me wrong: Barack Obama’s poll numbers will go up again at some point. But then again: so did GWB’s.

But even rallies back to above 40% won’t help Democrats win in 2014, or pass a second term agenda, or, heck, help a Democrat win in 2016. Do you really think that a President with a 40% approval rating is going to be allowed within fifty miles of the next Democratic Presidential nominee? – Not that it will help, any more than Bush’s distancing himself from McCain helped.  It’s just a bad scene all around, folks.

Just a bad scene.

Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, He Ain’t Getting Those Voters Back edition.”

  1. Of course, W had big media and the Dems (but I repeat myself) going after him hammer and tongs from around 2003. Whereas Obama… well, does not. Only now are we seeing signs of media (and Dem) reluctance to carry Obama’s water.


    I think it won’t take much for W’s finishing trajectory to look like pie-in-the-sky optimism for Obama…

  2. I’m not sure he lied. Lying requires awareness that a statement is false, which in many cases requires a certain amount of mental function. I’m not certain I have conclusive evidence for that one way or another.

    1. “Knew or should have known”? “Willful disregard for the truth”? “Presidenting while bored and inattentive”? “False portrayal of sentient thought”?
      I agree – crediting him with lying may be a stretch, given that he really doesn’t even seem to care what he reads off TOTUS.

  3. There’s a sub-set in there that Know that he lied, but smugly and with a naive cynicism, think that it’s really cool that he did, because, rubes! teabaggers! etc…

  4. Sure, it was deceitful. Doesn’t mean that this admin will see it as being morally or ethically wrong.

    They’re Alinsky Liberals. The ends always justifies the means, remember?

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