…I need more bluegrass albums.

Had the sitter tonight, so my wife and I went to hear some bluegrass at a local bar. Five of the seven guys up on the stage there were at least in their sixties, which of course means that it was a very good bluegrass band, at least instrumentally. Banjo and a couple of mandolins, base, couple of guitars, harmonica. It was a thing.

But I need some more bluegrass; I’ve been making due with YouTube, but that doesn’t fill up the iPod. Suggestions welcome.

13 thoughts on “…I need more bluegrass albums.”

  1. Sorry most of the bands I knew were small local ones and I don’t think any of them ever recorded anything. Always liked Ole Slewfoot. There’s plenty of versions out there just not by any of the groups I knew.

  2. I’ve had good luck with Pandora’s “bluegrass” station — Noam Pikelny, Alison Krauss, Tom Stanley, and a whole mess of others that I have had a little too much wine to remember at the moment.

    It might not be bluegrass proper, but I think you’d like the Zac Brown Band — try starting with “Where The Boat Leaves From”, “Knee Deep”, “Chicken Fried”, and “Toes”, and go from there.

  3. Chet Atkins. “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”, ’nuff said.

    Jerry Reed. People forget what an awesomely talented picker he was in light of his acting.

    Steve Martin. (yeah, the comedian) Probably the best banjo player since Earl Scruggs. Has won numerous awards for bluegrass music.

  4. I’m told of a bluegrass version of Dark Side of the Moon. Hearing Brain Damage as bluegrass was very, very odd.

  5. Longview, IIIrd Time Out, Suzanne Thomas, and Those Dreadful Snakes are good, and haven’t yet been mentioned.
    The Nitty Grity Dirt Band, Ricky Skaggs, and Dolly Parton all have bluegrass albums that I liked.
    If you’re looking for bluegrass, check out Rounder records. http://www.rounder.com/ They’ve pretty much got the market (and several other niche markets) cornered.

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