You know, I think that GWB is getting better at painting.

I’m glad to see that he’s getting on with it.

Particularly since it still infuriates some people to see GWB happy and active, bless their hearts.

Via @AoSHQ.

2 thoughts on “You know, I think that GWB is getting better at painting.”

  1. I’m starting to think that the best revenge for ex-Presidents is to live quiet and happy lives. The people who have “elevated” them to the position of Beelzebub’s right-hand demon in their personal lowerarchy seem to find that quite infuriating. If Dubya’s not actively spreading his black, naughty evil* all over the world, why, it’s like…it’s like their lives have no meaning.
    * Classical reference.

  2. I was surprised at his level of skill painting anyway. Glad he’s not giving that up.
    It also infuriates those who despise him further when they learn of his and his daughter’s work in Africa with AIDS and cancer patients.

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