Quote of the Day, Don’t Get MAD: Get EVEN edition. #obamacare

Don’t get me wrong, this guy at The Federalist has the right feel for the situation:

To commentators on the left, I might offer a little bit of friendly advice: pull back from all of this condescending stuff about “substandard” plans. Making a mistake about health care policy can be excused, but repeated lying under the cover of smug paternalism is something that a lot of us aren’t going to forgive. But I’m not feeling in a friendly mood right now, so my response is: keep digging. The American people don’t quite hate you like poison yet, but keep going and they will.

Paternalism is never so offensive as when it’s peddled by people who act all high and mighty and tell other people they know what’s best for them, while demonstrating themselves to be sloppy, incompetent—and callous.

…and, actually, I am not in this guy’s situation yet (I expect that my family’s healthcare situation will likewise get slammed, but it has not yet happened).  So maybe the answer is to get mad AND even.  Yeah, that could work.