What’s happening to dKos commenter @mikeconvente is not a bug in the #obamacare system.

It is the system.

A liberal blogger and representative on the health care committee at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), turned to the liberal blog The Daily Kos, on Monday to decry the negative impact he says President Barack Obama’s signature health care law is having on grad students at his Ivy League school.

“For us, at least in the college health insurance market, the ACA has truly been the ‘law of unintended consequences,’ wrote Michael Convente on The Daily Kos, on Monday.

Convente’s major issue is that Penn State’s[*] student health care system will have to provide pediatric dental care to 9,000 or so enrollees who can’t use it (maybe a hundred enrollees have small kids, by his estimate).  Which is why, of course, Barack Obama and the Democratic party are making those enrollees pay for it.  That’s found money that can be applied in order to offset revenue losses elsewhere… and the administration has absolutely no intention of letting that money go back into Convente’s pockets. If they were going to do that then they wouldn’t have have gone through the trouble of picking his pockets in the first place.

I mention this not to persuade Convente: he later updated his original comment with an update that suggests that people successfully yelled at him for counter-progressive backsliding and making defeatist sentiments, so he’s beyond help.  But I do want to reassure young people who have been looking at the Obamacare math of the following things.

  1. You are not going crazy.  The Democrats really do expect you to pay more money.
  2. You are not going crazy.  The Democrats really do want you to pay for things that you don’t need.
  3. You are not going crazy.  The Democrats really do disproportionately target young people with this.

And no, you are not going crazy.  The Democratic Party doesn’t care about your problems. It’s barely interested in hearing if you have any.

Via Hot Air Green Room.

Moe Lane

PS: What’s that? You’d vote for the GOP, except for icky social issues?  Well, OK.  Just keep in mind that that attitude’s costing you, what? Two, three grand a year? …And that’s not a bug in the system, either.

*Amusingly, this post apparently generated a four or five tweet rant by the author, three or four of which I didn’t read. I did keep the first tweet in tabs, so I know that he’s very upset at me for calling his school Penn State instead of the University of Pennsylvania. Or maybe I got it right and the original article didn’t. I honestly don’t really care either way, but it’s fair to note that there’s a discrepancy. My bad.

8 thoughts on “What’s happening to dKos commenter @mikeconvente is not a bug in the #obamacare system.”

      1. It kinda depends on whether you’d like to go yachting, or watch football on Saturday afternoon. (Although these days the Big 10 is kinda bad for football, too, from what I hear)

        1. We brought in Nebraska to help bolster our skill. Hasn’t helped that much except to make anyone other then OSU and Michigan look terrible even more then they did before.

  1. You probably underestimated the cost voting for Dems has on the average Gen Y’er (or Millennial kid, once they get to “workin’ age”). As someone in that demographical abyss, it looks like their general handling of the economy is costing me a good $30K/year (stuck in a part-time job that barely pays above the poverty line), and that is BEFORE the personal cost of ObamaTax hits me.

    Just because the increased health insurance premium is visible (assuming they are dumb enough to not eat the tax), it does not mean it is the totality of the effect.

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