Fifty years ago today, JFK was murdered by a Commie.

If you have any reaction to that besides just like Fascists, Communists are evil bastards that murder people that they don’t like then I regret to say that you’re probably doing it wrong.  I’m sure that the assassination was a very traumatic thing to live through, but it’ll never get any better if you won’t stop picking at it.  Seriously: the world does not revolve around the Baby Boomers.

Never has, never will.

Moe Lane

PS: I personally am very much against Communists murdering anybody, particularly American elected officials.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

6 thoughts on “Fifty years ago today, JFK was murdered by a Commie.”

  1. Heck, Moe.. as a Dec. 52 boomer: it really was an awful day. It was the first time I ever saw an adult(s) cry. The teachers were so shaken. Very small town/farm Indiana. Third & fourth grade in a shared room, fifth and sixth in another room (the one downstairs and the other up just in case anyone was interested!… it was a former high school: graduation pics on the wall of the auditorium.Yes we had one with a stage!.) Mrs. Sanders came upstairs and told Mrs. Bryant. I didn’t know what was wrong. Just that it was Wrong.

    Then we were doing a neighborhood thing where we (several families) were all over at Wally Wagner’s (can’t make that up) and asking for seconds on what turned out to be fried goat meat (it was Aunt Tootsie before she was meat) and there was the whole shooting thing w/ Oswald and Ruby.

      1. I started to say something, but thought this was the case. I’m a late boomer (’59) so I don’t remember it anyway.

        1. Penalty of this gig: I HAVE to read – or at least skim – through a lot of self-indulgent crap from our esteemed media professional class. Days like today are especially annoying. 🙂

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