The Bloom is off the Unicorn: party donors starting to look ahead past @barackobama.

I imagine these last two paragraphs probably burns the administration.  It burns them like hygiene*:

Still, party fundraisers said that it has been hard to get major contributors jazzed about writing checks to the DNC. They are more intrigued with 2016 and whether Hillary Rodham Clinton will make another White House run.

“I get dozens of inquiries from donors who say, ‘I want to get in early with Hillary,’ ” said a prominent party fundraiser. “A lot of the donors are starting to look past this administration to the next one.”

(via @TheRickWilson) Right on schedule, too. So much for fundamental transformations of the political landscape, huh? – Because here on planet Earth Barack Obama is an unpopular lame duck who is only unusual in that his second-term slump appeared so suddenly.  I was expecting this to hit at the beginning of 2015, frankly.

Moe Lane

*Classical reference. Hi, Randy.


  • midwestconservative says:

    You thought this would hit in 2015? Really?
    Cause I thought Obama was the Left’s Bush. And that he’d start stinking up the place late in 2013 same as Bush did in 05. Granted Obama’s poll numbers are slightly worse then Bush’s at the same point in time of their second terms. Which is even more surprising considering the fact that The Media went on a full crusade against Bush in 05, while they’ve been relatively friendly towards this President.

    • Robert Mitchell Jr. says:

      Not that surprising. They lied about both men, pulling one down before his time, and propping up past his sell-by date.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      You thought this would hit in 2015? Really?

      …Well, I didn’t blessed well expect them to simply concede the 2014 Senate elections, now did I? 🙂

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