Head’s up: apparently, there’s an Iran deal going on.

Hard to say, really: the President was supposed to be on at 10:15 PM Eastern to announce it. He’s late. As usual.

UPDATE (10:28 PM, no Barack Obama):

Short version: we’re easing sanctions and not really putting the squeeze on Iran in exchange. But normalization will continue. Which leads to my final UPDATE on this:

8 thoughts on “Head’s up: apparently, there’s an Iran deal going on.”

  1. Thought: Can Obama unilaterally lift sanctions that was passed by congress and then signed into law? I have not seen anyone really ask that question (including me) up until now.

    1. I wish I could read a news story about something that President Obama has done without muttering “You ⁜⁑₪₴↹≸ ♅☸♌♠☭♟!” under my breath. My wish hasn’t come true.

    1. Get over it. I was born on September 11.
      Stuff is gonna happen. If Obama is in charge, it isn’t gonna be good.

  2. A bit over a year ago, as I watched the returns and projections in shock, I was asked what my thoughts were.
    My response was, “Pray for Israel”.
    That assessment hasn’t changed. I really, really wish that it had.

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