So the Progressive Policy Institute covered up its employee’s crimes…

…instead of suffering through a public scandal:

Three years ago, the Progressive Policy Institute realized that a senior manager had quietly used unauthorized checks, credit-card charges and cash withdrawals to drain about $100,000 from the Democratic think tank’s accounts, pushing the nonprofit group to the edge of insolvency, interviews and documents show.

Officials at the institute didn’t call police and didn’t alert donors, said Lindsay Mark Lewis, now executive director of the Washington-based organization. Instead, they took what charity governance specialists call a distressingly common approach for a nonprofit group: They agreed to forgo legal action in exchange for restitution.

If the person fingered by the Washington Post as being the embezzler actually was the embezzler  – and presumably the WaPo feels that it’s on safe legal grounds to give a name – then said embezzler went on to continue to have a career in Democratic political circles.  Where, conceivably, said embezzler could have done more embezzling.  One wonders how many other liberal and Democratic groups out there are allowing their lawbreakers to escape to other venues.  And one also wonders how many of those groups have a history of attacking the Roman Catholic church hierarchy for doing something roughly similar when it came to pedophile priests…



Moe Lane

PS: Oh, I’m sorry: was I not supposed to point out the obvious parallels?  Sorry, but they exist, and they are obvious.  I will readily agree that pedophilia is at least a whole quantum level worse than embezzlement, but the problem that PPI and other nonprofits still face here is that they’re apparently routinely conniving at hiding immoral and illegal behaviors.  And that is a problem.

3 thoughts on “So the Progressive Policy Institute covered up its employee’s crimes…”

  1. Not a good comparison. The Catholic “scandals” involved a lot of proven fraud and a lot of probable fraud. A better example would be the school teachers who keep getting actually, provably caught…..

  2. A better analogy would be the sex sandals involving teachers and college professors/coaches molesting their students. This is a story still being buried and covered up by the unions and administrators.

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