Quote of the Day, Now Hear The Litany Of #Obamacare’s Failure edition.

For added fun, read Mary Katherine Ham’s aforementioned litany aloud:

…if you have a catastrophic plan in the individual market, you’re losing the plan you may have liked for the privilege of paying more. If you had a middle-of-the-road individual market plan you liked, you’re losing that plan for the privilege of paying more often for fewer benefits. If you had a decent plan at a small employer, you’re likely to get dumped into the exchanges as mandate-heavy health care plans get too expensive for small businesses to afford. If you have a plan you like at a medium-sized employer, you’re likely to get dumped into the exchanges next year when the employer mandate kicks in, and your costs are already rising or benefits are going down. If you’re at a large employer with a very nice health insurance plan, sorry, you’re now going to have reduced benefits to avoid the “Cadillac” tax.


NO REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR OBAMACARE. I like to make that clear, whenever possible.

Moe Lane

PS: Can’t wait to hear how people across America will react Thursday to being told by slightly nervous and hesitant amateur propagandists that folks upset about changes to their health care need to shut up their pretty little heads and get behind President Barack (Democrat) Obama’s shiny new health care law. Cannot. Wait.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Now Hear The Litany Of #Obamacare’s Failure edition.”

  1. My prediction: Not well. Far from being the voice of reason in their families Leftists are the family idiots that everyone has had to tolerate because they’re family, and as O’bamacare is starting to actually hurt people right now that tolerance is getting close to zero. Of course OFA apparently doesn’t realize that a lot of Democrat voters are also getting hurt also so their whole push may just fizzle.

    1. This is such a spot-on comment. Hopefully some of them will needs to get their flapping jaws wired shut after dinner on Thursday.

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