The Tasty, Tasty Thanksgiving Day Beverage Open Thread.

…tell me of the drinks that go well with your Thanksgiving Day feast.  Personally, mine is very simple, if possibly lame: pumpkin ale. I make no apologies for being one of those people, but you can feel free to tell me what I should be imbibing, instead.

12 thoughts on “The Tasty, Tasty Thanksgiving Day Beverage Open Thread.”

  1. I rather like Southern Tier’s Pumking, actually, if that’s your bag. It’s kind of like drinking a pumpkin pie, in my experience.
    Turkey Day dinner’s usually a pretty dry affair among my family: Baptists. So, Diet Coke, most likely. Probably have some Laphroiag when I get home, after, though.

  2. This year I will be driving, therefore no drinking. My wife’s family decided that the years has been too long and a financial anchor was finally cut so they are drinking Champagne for Thanksgiving, odd choice but after the year they’ve had, I can’t disagree.

  3. Pumpkin ale isn’t half the abomination that Guinness brand lager is. And my wife bought me a bunch of it.
    She also bought a “soft huckleberry” white table wine.
    Fortunately, everything in the liquor cabinet was purchased by me.
    After a tumbler of bourbon or scotch, I won’t much care.

  4. We have an embarrassment of riches in terms of craft brewers in Houston these days. I’ll be drinking either St. Arnold’s Winter Stout, Karbach Mother in Lager, or Southern Star Promm, or perhaps IPAs from the above brewers. Just depends on what mood strikes me tomorrow when I go to the grocery store.

  5. Also driving so no drinking till I get back home then it’ll be Traverse Bay Spiced Cherry Wine, one of the best spiced wines I’ve run into. Although my wife likes Chaucers Honey Wine which comes with a packet of spices for mulling.

    1. You might enjoy Camas Prairie Winery’s Spiced Wine. I grab a couple of bottles every time I get the chance.

  6. Everclear. It goes with everything.
    Seriously, though, since my liver can’t handle booze or beer on account of my pancreas wimping out on me, I’ll probably just have some red wine when I get home from the buffet.

  7. Tawny Port!

    I love Galway Pipe, but they stopped importing it around here, so lately it’s been Taylor Fladgate.

    Other than that, usually Wollersheim Prairie Fume for the ladies and Ketel One Vodka for the men.

    Also, Glogg for Thanksgiving and Christmas (Lots of fun recipes online)

  8. Turkey or ham? An almost dry Gewurztraminer or West Coast Pinot Noir.

    Remember what they say: you drink no noir, you Pinot Noir!

  9. Have I got a bad idea for you!
    1) Find a blender.
    2) Mix a bottle of Jones Co. “Turkey and Gravy” Soda (find it on Amazon?) and an equal part spiced run (Sailor Jerry’s? I still have not found a spiced rum brand that will become a go-to [maybe I’ll find one this year when it come times to start baking fruitcakes]).
    3) Pour over ice
    4) Drink it
    5) Realize that this is what all things will taste like when the Old Ones rise from the deep to consume our sanity.
    6) Cry a little

    Seriously, no drinking for me with the family. But I have some Glenfiddith scotch and some homebrew at home for choices. Ain’t nothin’ like drinking beer you made yourself.

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