Tweet of the Day, HAHAHAHAHA Oh God These People Are Gormless Screwups edition. #obamacare

American politics needs a mercy rule.


Perfect. The White House tells all of its would-be minions to talk up the site – and help sign people up. Hijinks ensue: also, fights, and certainly a challenge or two over how easy it really is to sign up. When said minions attempt to demonstrate the site, they’ll inevitably run into trouble… and when they do, they’ll have nobody to talk them through the problems. What does this remind me of?

…Ah. Yes.

Moe Lane

9 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, HAHAHAHAHA Oh God These People Are Gormless Screwups edition. #obamacare”

  1. I wouldn’t mind the Wile E. Coyote members of both parties if we could just keep them out of positions of authority for a while….

    1. No, the question isn’t whether it crashes .. the question is how long it takes ’em to get it back up again.
      Remember .. government workers. You think they’re turning up on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

      1. Nah, these are contractors – Friday through Sunday is probably double-time. I wouldn’t expect much actual work though.

  2. My annoyance today was on, the Tuesday morning QB column is usually well written even though done by a confirmed liberal in Gregg Eaterbrook. Today though he went on a many paragraph rant insisting that we all will love Obamacare in the end and defending its failures. So annoyed, I skipped the rest of the football discussion

  3. That is being unfair to ol’ Wily. At least he is building some that he INTENDS to have explode (on the roadrunner typically, not on him). So all of his errors show some competence.
    The same cannot be said of the ObamaTax rollout.

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