Quote of the Day, They CAN Be Taught! edition. #obamacare

The WaPo actually wanted to write a story about this:

…in recent days, Senate Republicans have been urging their members to tout new “Your Story” Web pages in English and Spanish that invite people to vent about the shortcomings of the health-insurance initiative.

…but it’s the WaPo, which means that they just can’t come out and say The Republican party won the messaging battle over Obamacare, and Democrats are ever-so-slowly scrambling to come up with a counter.  That would imply that the Democratic leadership is made up of incompetent goofballs who spent two months twiddling their thumbs while Obamacare blew up on the launch pad.  And then irradiated some kittens. While blasting out Nickelback tunes.

Yes.  That bad.

Anyway, the paper is apparently incapable of such an admission, so they just wrote this post about how the Democrats were going to respond to the whole thing and hoped that nobody noticed what the bulk of the article was actually about.  Personally, I don’t see the point of that much, but then I’m not the WaPo and they’re arguably doing better at this than I am.  Which is something to always keep in mind when somebody like me criticizes the regular media: I’m not the one with the budget and staff. Don’t underestimate their ability to accomplish their goals.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, They CAN Be Taught! edition. #obamacare”

  1. Of course the Democratic leadership is made up of a pathetic bunch of incompetents. They knew or should have known that a lot of people were going to lose their insurance in Oct. 2013 but they still got caught flat footed when it happened. They should have known unless everything worked out ivory tower perfect there would be major problems. And yet here we are two months in and they’re still staggering trying to find their footing to an entirely predictable event. “For the incompetence of our opponents O’ Lord make us truly thankful people.”

  2. And I dispute their ability to learn, Moe. I believe we’ll find the same thing happening next year when ten’s of millions of people start getting their policies canceled. Care to bet that the President’s response response will be to waive the 90 day notice?

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