Tweet of the Day, I Almost Invoked The Mercy Rule edition. #obamacare


But let me assure the Democrats of this: Barack Obama does not get to have three more years to get his signature monstrosity of a health care system up and running. He may not get three more months. I suppose that we can give him three more days, though. Because we’re just that nice.

Moe Lane

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    1. It was like this in 2010, too. It’s as if their brains all just have this blind spot when it comes to Obamacare: they can’t see the problems and don’t understand why other people get so upset over the subject.

      1. I’m afraid the insanity won’t end with the 2014 Election. I fear things will just get exponentially worse in the coming years. I look forward to China’s economy to fail to bring about REAL change to this world.

      2. Agreed – it is irrational, dummy mode on, no rational reply topic.
        It’s worse than Bush v. Gore.

        1. Ginsburg is the more reliably consistent progressive vote. Breyer voted with the majority in the 7-2 decisions that the Florida Supremes had violated the equal protection clause and then reversed himself voting with the minority in the 5-4 decision that time was up.

          The best thing about Bush v Gore was that the media did their own recounts afterwards and QUIETLY found that Bush would have won the recount. It is important to point that fact out to the Unreality Community.

      3. Well, if my pot thesis is correct*, and they are or were all users**, they may well have induced similar impairments in their analytical abilities.
        Dishonest and uncaring is a compelling alternate explanation.
        *Read some of Robert Hampson’s stuff if you think I’m wrong.
        **The implications of 10% to 25% numbers claimed by the legalization advocates include, in addition to ones that they desire, that pot smoker impact on major screw ups may not be trivial. In particular, it seems like it might be possible that this administration, through statistical chance alone, might be largely staffed by people with at least a year of use during a formative period in which they might otherwise be learning. Much less the really vocal cheerleaders.

  1. He has a point – 2000+ pages of repealed legalese plus regulations will line a lot of birdcages.

  2. David’s statement seems to suppose that the remaining flaws are merely tuning, that the law will still be on the books in 2017, and that this administration has the interest and ability to fix things.
    In December of 2017, Obama will most likely be on the way out. Furthermore, the successor will probably have been decided. Unless the thing is repealed, or the law has been adjusted to match the enforcement workarounds in practice, there will be an increased measure of uncertainty until it is seen how the next administration handles such things.

    1. In December of 2017, this monstrosity will likely have been repealed, or completely gutted depending on the party affiliation of the then POTUS.
      No one not even a Democrat will stick by this piece of crap the way the Obama administration has/will.

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