Wheel of Morality…

…turn turn turn.

I almost put this in comments, except that I’m trying to think of something that would be more edifying for my readers than subtly encouraging them to watch Animaniacs clips for the next hour or two, and failing. I mean, really:


There are worse ways to end the evening.

5 thoughts on “Wheel of Morality…”

    1. Moral #6: People who live in glass houses shouldn’t dress with the lights on.

      I hope I picked one that the clip above doesn’t have. Don’t want to be that guy.

  1. It was great day when I introduced Animaniacs to my kids and we could enjoy it together. Back in the day when WB had stores, I met the voice actors and have a signed shirt and postcards.

  2. Amazon has the whole series on DVD, three box sets with four discs in each. The entire episodes were on them and the extra material is well worth watching as well.

    I worked at the WB store in Schaumburg, IL for approx 5 years and it was the greatest thing! They never should have closed those stores. I was devastated when they closed. Hard to get the quality clothes that they had anymore. Now all I get are the T-shirts from WBStore.com.

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