Hook, Blues Traveler

I had another one planned, but Nelson Mandela died.

[UPDATE: Let me explain that one, actually: my first choice could have been seen as a tacit criticism of Mandela, instead of a tacit one of Obama.  This one has nothing to do with Mandela, either.]


  • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

    Why not Mandela? He seems to fit the pattern of a very bad person.
    Is it that as the ANC is not an American party, there is little partisan value in going after him, compared to going after Obama?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Because I reluctantly concede that he was unique among Commies in that he peacefully relinquished power and went home afterward. Which is pretty much a searing indictment of Marxism, all on its own.

      Moe Lane

      PS: I’m sure that some of you folks may have issues with that, and I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t be allowed to. However, I will take a host’s privilege and ask that there not be a fight over Nelson Mandela in my comments section.

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