Maryland #obamacare exchange director, ahem, ‘resigns.’

Well now.

The executive director of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange resigned Friday.

The chairman of the board of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, Joshua Sharfstein, said Rebecca Pearce worked tirelessly and with dedication for two years to build the Maryland Health Connection.

…Which enrolled only 3,000 people, as of last Thursday.  Apparently that was close enough to the target number that Ms. Pearce felt all right about going ahead on her Cayman Islands vacation.  How are those, anyway?  I hear that they can be nice.

So.  Aside from this being a rather potent embarrassment for Governor Martin O’Malley – you know something? He’s my governor, and I can’t even remember what he looks like – it’s just as much one for Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown.  As the second link notes, Lt. Gov. Brown has been stuck for the last month with trying to convince Maryland voters not to believe their lying eyes: I’d say that his gubernatorial hopes were quashed, except that he’s running against Attorney General Doug Gansler (he of the underaged twerker incident) and State Delegate Heather Mizeur, who is apparently under the sadly mistaken impression that the federal government is going to let Maryland legalize pot*.

It’s going to be one heck of a Democratic primary, let me tell you.



Moe Lane

*Contemplate, for a moment, how many federal employees live in Maryland (300,000).  Third largest, actually, after California and Virginia.  Imagine the chaos when they start flunking drug tests.  Consider the stinkstorm as the lawsuits fly…

8 thoughts on “Maryland #obamacare exchange director, ahem, ‘resigns.’”

      1. What if we ran a Republican that’s a former Democrat, and self-proclaimed “Northeastern Republican” on the SSM issue and has an appropriate level of well-documented contempt for government boondoggles….

        1. Good for a start. Just don’t pick one that’s stout, bad at extraneous public speaking, and who’s never run for a single damned thing in his life. 🙂

          1. I assume extraneous was meant to be extemporaneous? Though I would be one of those who considers most political speaking extraneous…..

  1. Not to worry: I am sure that his retirement parachute will see him to a soft, safe landing. And there are many private firms, enjoying no bid government contracts, which more more than welcome him aboard.

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