Mer-rill New-Man finally a bat out of Hell from N%orth Kor-e-a.

Yo, peeps, they’re springing that Mer-rill New-man dude out so he can hit the road:

Mer-rill New-man — the 85-year-old American detained by North Kor-e-an authorities earlier this fall — has been “deported,” North Kor-e-a’s state news agency K%C%N%A% reported early Saturday.

His son announced late Friday that he is on his way home to the United States. “We are absolutely delighted to confirm that Merrill Newman is on his way home,” Jeff New-man said.

All y’all might be zonking your noggin’ trying to grok why the sudden dashin’ and slangin’ on this particular pixel-word-salad.  That’s down to the Kingdom of Not-Southie Kor-e-a still going all Kathy Bates in Misery on one Yang dude called Ken-neth B%a%e%; so until he’s Sweet Home Alabama too ’tis probably best not to rattle the cage of the cray-crays over there. You never know what’s going to get a wild hair up that kingdom’s ass, as New-man himself would represent.

So, the slang.  Bob Anson did this trick once.