…I won the Lovecraft is Missing Contest?

I won the Lovecraft is Missing Contest (entry was here).

Cool.  You know, I probably should finish it.  I had an idea about where that particular story would have gone.

Moe Lane

PS: Many thanks to Constant Reader Luke for pointing it out to me.  Christmas gets pretty hectic around here.

PPS: Lovecraft is Missing was a great webcomic even before it awarded me a prize.  Check it out.

5 thoughts on “…I won the Lovecraft is Missing Contest?”

        1. Ok, I write up a little teaser for you guys right now:
          “Alright, son. Start from the beginning.”
          “Beginning? End? When is the Beginning and where does it End? Do these things really matter?”
          “Alright, I had enough of that from existential college hippies. Stop waxing philosophically and just tell me excatly what happen.”
          “I- Very well. I have to go back some years, before my uncle came down here, and before he saw that- that little tree!”

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