Hey! They’re phishing the DC #Obamacare exchange!

Didn’t see that coming*:

The D.C. insurance exchange where thousands of Hill aides are shopping has confirmed that an outside scammer is redirecting customers to a fraudulent website.

Some shoppers are being directed from the insurance website to an outside site that appears nearly identical to the real exchange, officials confirmed Friday. The fraud is widespread enough that they’re considering adding disclaimers to its website to warn users against divulging their check card or PIN numbers.

Don’t worry, though: there’s an easy way to tell whether you’re on the right DC Obamacare exchange site. Is it working? …No? Good: if it’s not working, then you’re on the DC Obamacare exchange site.  Don’t you feel better now?

Via the Corner.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: A lot of those Hill aides are working for politicians that have been hacking at Obamacare with a machete for almost four years at this point.  It’s not actually their fault that the Democratic party leadership can’t make deadlines.

PPS: I know that at some point and the state exchanges will all start working, and when that happens we’re going to have to bring up all the bad things that will happen then.  But… I was kind of expecting things to be working better by now.  When are they actually going to fix this thing?

*Quite a few people on the Right actually in fact did see that coming.


  • BigGator5 says:

    Pardon me, I have allergies.

  • qixlqatl says:

    Considering the way the GOP has treated me, I haven’t much sympathy for them. Things are tough all over, they can suck it up just like I have to.

  • Freddie Sykes says:

    Non sequitur much?

    • qixlqatl says:

      I may have misinterpreted what More meant by “hacking away at obamacare with a machete”…. :/
      My point would have been that the GOP looks “good” only by comparison to the unmitigated $#!*-show the democrats have put on.

      • Freddie Sykes says:

        Lately I tend to vote Republican but am registered independent. The Republicans has no input on the ACA. I just can’t see Republicans doing anything successful against Obamacare besides sending evil mind rays at it.

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