Tweet of the Day, It Seems Like We’ve Had A Lot Of Fake ‘Hate Crimes’ Lately edition.

It’s honestly been a little disturbing.

I personally think that most of these are due to a perverse form of romanticism: people want the cachet of being a victim of intolerance in a culture where ‘tolerance’ has been made into a cardinal virtue. And that’s the problem, isn’t? Your actual racists and bigots are too busy hiding* to engage in actual displays of bigotry, so people have to… create their own hate speech. Just to keep the minimum levels up, of course.


Moe Lane

*Although many of them have worked out that nobody on the Left really cares if you’re nasty to a conservative female or minority.

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, It Seems Like We’ve Had A Lot Of Fake ‘Hate Crimes’ Lately edition.”

  1. I notice that the restaurant has not apologized to the couple that found themselves getting dragged through the mud over this and that the apology said that things were “inconclusive” about what happened.
    My shocked face. Let me show it to you.

    1. There are so many laws (local, state) designed to protect gays and minorities from discrimination, that I am not sure how easy it would be to come out and apologize. I wondered if they would even be able to fire her. I wonder how much they spent in legal fees to determine how they could resolve the situation with her.

      1. Were I one of the wronged parties in this, my lawyer would love to have a chat with the manager about why they seem to ignore the credit card statement that proves me right. And the chat would have a lot of zeroes at the end of it added to my bank account.
        But I’m a touch on the evil side with this discussion. That scumbag waitress dragged the Marine Corps’ name in the mud.

  2. So, the server is going to refund the contributions that she already said she gave away to a charity for veterans? Any chance she is lying about that?

    1. Probably about equal to the chance she does not get prosecuted for the fraud she committed….

      1. I don’t know that what she did is legally actionable.
        What she did was wrong, immoral, and evil. She fully deserves the scorn of all upright citizens.
        But did she do anything illegal? I’m not inclined to think so. She went right up to the line, but I haven’t yet seen evidence that she actually crossed it.

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