Important safety tip on the quote-unquote “Knockout Game.”

Nobody will give a good god-damn if you play it, and then this happens to you:

Real shame, the way the assailant tripped and fell like that.

Via AoSHQ. I’m pretty sure that it’s real: I traced it back through several iterations, and it doesn’t look like it’s been debunked yet.

5 thoughts on “Important safety tip on the quote-unquote “Knockout Game.””

  1. I’m all for self-defense.
    But in cases like this, I’m more inclined for a declaration of hostis humani generis, and a communal execution of the barbarian by employing the nearest blunt objects.

  2. See, this is why we can’t have nice things… Liberals push their “pacifism” and “misunderstood” tropes, not understanding that the barbarians are real.

  3. I wish she’d kicked him in the groin until he became incapable of breeding… and that’s my restrained response.

  4. That kick to the face was awesome. But also dangerous. The guy in question is lucky he didn’t die, which considering the fact that several victims of this game HAVE died from their injuries, I’m not too broken up about him getting a bloody nose.

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