Witness the awesome power of the latest winter storm in #thistown!

This is what they closed down the schools for.  Two hour delay of the federal government opening, too.


This town.

Moe Lane

PS: Why, yes, my children are melting down.   Why do you ask?


  • Luke says:

    I wish I could believe that you’re kidding.
    We’ve got a couple closed down out here. Treeless prairie plus blowing snow tends to drift N-S roads closed in a hurry. Fortunately, it’s only the area North of the canyon that’s being affected.
    We were stuck for a bit last week, so I highly recommend Midway Arcade Origins for the XBox 360. I introduced the girls to Rampage, and in return, I was allowed to keep my sanity.

  • BigGator5 says:

    Yep, that Global Warming is giving you guys a good pounding alright.

  • Greg says:

    It that a [gasp] WATER PUDDLE?!?!? In the STREET?!?

  • Catseyes says:

    The Original Hamster Dance still works to keep the Grand Daughter amused:

    As does the Bunny herding sheep from Ace’s Place:

  • jimf42 says:

    a friend of mine’s partner is in Seattle…and sent him a headline a few years ago. “Inch of Snow Paralyzes City”

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