So, I was just sent this movie trailer (video at the link, not that you should watch or anything).

By Constant Reader BigGator5.

Here it is.


Original here.

Moe Lane


  • midwestconservative says:

    I am definitely watching this.

  • BigGator5 says:

    Hey, it couldn’t be as bad as the last one (don’t click that link until you watch the trailer).

  • Luke says:

    Between Pacific Rim and Kaiju Rising, I might have gotten my fix for a bit. Besides, I remember the last effort.
    In the trailer, they’re not giving clear shots of the CGI monster, which is good. But trailers always lie.
    I’ll wait for word of mouth.
    Daikaiju genre conventions run headlong into one of my pet peeves (thou shalt not explain the monster). It takes the Rule of Cool and a lack of ham-handedness to suppress my irritation back into the willing suspension of disbelief. Worse, most directors/writers/actors just *love* the opportunity to preach at us “rubes”. (See the current Noah fiasco for a blatant example. They could have done the story straight, which would have been a license to print money. But self-righteous preening was evidently a lot more pleasurable.)

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