Quote of the Day, @EzraKlein Picked A Bad Year To Pretend To Lose His Cognitive Abilities edition.

Because I refuse to believe that he’s this dumb:

If these people aren’t up to the most important tasks of Obama’s second term, why haven’t they been fired and replaced by people who are?

These people being Kathleen Sebelius, Rob Nabors, and Miguel Rodriguez: three executive branch officials who have utterly screwed up their jobs, even by the generous standards of the Obama administration*.  But, fine: I’ll play along.  The reason why Barack Obama has not fired these people is because Barack Obama built his career by stroking the guilty egos of people like Ezra Klein.  Obama based his career on being, well, perfect.

Perfect people don’t screw up personnel decisions at this level of magnitude.

But Ezra Klein knows this already: it’s just that he’s engaging in a rather sad cry for help. :murmuring: Such a pity that none of us feel obliged to respond.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

*In case you haven’t noticed, the people running the country right now more or less can’t.  Good God, they can’t even break the law competently.

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  1. To be able to recognize incompetence you must first have a more then passing acquaintance with competence yourself. Unfortunately O’bama and competence have never even been in the same ballpark at the same time, so he’s pretty much clueless.

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