You know, it’s not as if I *wanted* to catalog the state #obamacare Litanies Of Failure. #massachusetts

It just seems to be working out that way: Mass. may cancel payments for botched Obamacare website

Yesterday’s nine-hour shutdown of the state’s Obamacare website was a waste of time, Health Connector executive director Jean Yang said during this morning’s Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority Board meeting — the latest debacle that has the state considering whether to cancel payments due to the contractor.

“The vendor told us about early evening yesterday that the deployment was not going as scheduled so we decided to stop that,” Yang said. The shutdown during the key enrollment week — designed to implement a series of upgrades and fixes — was originally scheduled for 15 hours.

The CGI-built website and database system has “consistently” underperformed, state health connector officials said, and the state may seek to cancel the remainder of the money due to the contractor. Canada-based CGI also built the problem-plagued national Obamacare website.

The astounding bit? Massachusetts used to have something that could reasonably be called full insurance coverage for all of its citizens.   I didn’t think that it was a good idea, and I didn’t want it forcibly duplicated across the country, but I recognize that such a program existed. IOW… once, Romneycare functioned in Massachusetts, in its own fashion. Right now, it doesn’t*. Because of Obamacare.

That kind of brutal incompetence takes skill.



Moe Lane

*Two thousand processed of thirty five thousand applied is pretty much ‘not functioning.’ You’d think that this was the one state that they would have left alone.

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