“Misty Mountains.”

Misty Mountains, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Not gonna see the sequel until next Wednesday. I’d say “No spoilers,” except I’ve read the freaking book more times than I can count and I know dang well how it ends.

4 thoughts on ““Misty Mountains.””

  1. Well they’ve split up parts of the appendices and the Hobbit into three movies and they’ve got a mofo dragon that they need to milk for all it’s worth so……
    I will say this the finished product for the Dragon ( both the voice and the image) are much better then the Trailer.
    The voice for one didn’t sound disembodied (like in the trailer), and the CGI of the dragon was smoothed out to the point that it looked fairly realistic ( atleast as realistic as you can expect a dragon)

  2. Of course there are some big book violations that will irritate purists beyond belief, but the same happened in the Two towers ( what with the Elves at Helm’s Deep that never happened in the books)
    And it could’ve been worse.
    Thranduil is a MOFO, which is awesome since you don’t see that from elves usually, come to think of it, some of Legolas’s character is different then the Trilogy ( less noble)

  3. I’ve read the book front-to back at least 5 times.
    It’s practically my Bible. I also have an actual Bible, but to be honest I’ve read the Hobbit more then it.

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