On the Denver Post and the socialist Arapahoe High School shooter.

I sometimes wonder whether I should post these here, too. Then again, I have comments here. Plus, it seems that noting the ideological proclivities of said shooter is annoying the right people, so here we go.

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  • Herp McDerp says:

    And, finally: this quiet self-censorship does the Left no favors, actually. If you don’t get told how the world actually works … you end up being perpetually surprised and off-kilter when events play out the way that they do.
    The big problem is that the Left isn’t talking only to itself. This censorship does none of us any favors. When the Left controls The Narrative, ordinary non-Lefty voters draw their conclusions about reality from what the Left permits them to see and hear. And that, as we have seen for the past few years, has unpleasant consequences.

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