It may shock some of you to hear that I’m STILL playing Skyrim. It’s not my fault: the fans keep putting out good mods. The one I’m using now even addresses a major flaw in the game: even after you join the Bard’s College you can’t actually, you know, be a bard. This mod fixes that: your character can now play about five or so musical instruments, and – we’re getting towards the point now, I swear – play a bunch of fan-made Skyrim-themed songs.

Oh, yes, this is so totally a thing. But this isn’t a Skyrim-themed song: it’s a Mass Effect-themed song, which made me straighten up in my chair when my Dragonborn started singing it in an inn.

The artist is Malukah, and she’s pretty good (and steadily getting more and more work from the gaming industry, which is nice). Although I don’t know who the heck the guy is in that video, given that it’s supposed to be about Commander Shepard…

Moe Lane

PS: More of her songs here.

5 thoughts on ““Reignite.””

  1. Snagged the PC version during the last Steam sale. The improvement in load times over the PS3 version warranted another playthrough. I agree, it was a shame the Bard’s college quests didn’t result in your ability to perform music. The closest thing to being a bard they let you do was choosing what to forge in the “burning of the king” poem. But the whole game was kind of that way. You could become the arch-mage of the magic college without casting a single spell. You can become the head of thieves guild by being a lousy thief.

      1. Yeah. I just refused to do the Dark Brotherhood quest line. It’s true that you can just kill Astrid right away, but you still have to murder Grilod the Kind first.
        I decided that watching “Skyrim for Pimp’s” playthrough of that quest line was good enough.

          1. I skipped it because it didn’t fit character I made, who was many things but NOT a murderer. One of these days, I’ll play it again as a complete bastard.

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