Annnnd we’re back (reload the page, if you have to).

One of those caching things, apparently. Look, I just pound on the keyboard until the magic comes out, OK?

6 thoughts on “Annnnd we’re back (reload the page, if you have to).”

  1. It seems to be how the US Post Office delivers packages.
    Yes, I’m taking a break from calling neighbors. Why do you ask? *fumes*

    1. The lost package of electronics has been successfully tracked down. Hopefully, 72 hours of freezing temperatures did no damage.
      Random question about affiliate status: If an order is placed by following the linkage, but the order isn’t processed (and the card charged) for another two weeks, does the affiliate still get paid? I know the cookie normally times out within an hour or so…

  2. Not sure you’re all the way back….
    As of now, this is the last post visible on the front page, and .. it shows only two comments.
    May I suggest using the bigger hammer?

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