@exjon, trollin’ the atheists… with no-doubt horrified fascination.

It would be deeply, deeply unfair to reproduce the visual evidence of this exchange between an anti-theist* and a believer; just go click through. Basically, Jon Gabriel tweeted this:

…and then somebody volunteered to prove his point. It was very funny! So read the whole thing.

Moe Lane

*I like this. It works for me; I can use it to distinguish between people who don’t believe in God (some of whom are my friends) and PEOPLE WHO WANT TO COME UP TO ME AND TELL ME HOW THERE IS NO GOD BECAUSE LOL. You get more of the latter on the Internet, alas.

2 thoughts on “@exjon, trollin’ the atheists… with no-doubt horrified fascination.”

  1. anti-theist is to atheist as communist is to intellectual.
    (not to mention both are a hell of a way to self-sabotage..)

  2. I saw a small movie with a scene between two atheists. They got into an argument about God. The god the man disbelieved in was hateful and vindictive. The god the woman disbelieved in was kind and loving. She became very upset when he said nasty things about the wonderful god she disbelieved in. I think the movie was Sitting Ducks (1980).

    So, atheist, no need to proselytize me: I already do not believe in any god you can describe. Trying to describe God is to place limits on God and that is idolatry. God named Himself “I Am”. That is more than enough God for me.

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