Oh wow this is funny. #cthulhu #dinner

Not that there’s a chance in hell that I would eat that.

It’s not even the octopus, really. I’ve never actually had octopus. I just don’t care for crab or lobster.

Via email.

5 thoughts on “Oh wow this is funny. #cthulhu #dinner”

  1. Oh, come on Moe! Turkey, bacon, probably some pork, lots of stuff for you to eat. Mind, I would take the octopus and deep fry it. Soo good…..

  2. Octopus tastes a lot like squid and I love crab and lobster. To me it looks yummy I just need to work out the best way to cook the combo.

  3. Oh come now Moe. You’ve had calamari, right? And how do you live in Maryland and not like crab or lobster (it’ll be like living in New Mexico and having a dislike for tacos)?

  4. Most of the octopus I’ve had has been tasteless and chewy. The best — perfectly cooked, in a great sauce, and FRESH — was in Brindisi, Italy.

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