See, this is what I want from the #NRSC. And require. #obamacare #begich

Nothing about the primaries; nothing to tick off the grassroots or the Establishment – or your Aunt Sadie, for all I know. Just a nice, simple shackling of Democratic Senators to President Barack Obama and a cheery wave as the anchor chain starts unspooling into the deep water.

And lo! Easily embeddable, all across the Internet. This is an excellent use of the NRSC’s resources: when people yell at them in comments anyway, at least try to mention that so that they’ll understand to do more of the things that you like.

Moe Lane

PS: It is showing up on my Firefox just fine; but in case somebody is having issues, here’s the direct link.

4 thoughts on “See, this is what I want from the #NRSC. And require. #obamacare #begich”

  1. The NRSC should devote itself to raising money ( around 5 million or more) for each Senate race ( or at least the ones that will be competitive) and have that money waiting for whoever wins the Primaries.
    They should not be Mitch McConnell’s personal reelection committee.

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