“Pompeii” Trailer.

It says something about me that I spent five minutes going through this video several times to determine whether the people on horseback were using modern stirrups.

I’m pretty sure that they were using them in the movie. Which, if true, is a deal-breaker right there.

5 thoughts on ““Pompeii” Trailer.”

  1. They were using stirrups somewhere between a quarter and half the time. Mostly in distant shots and when doing horsemanship tricks.
    Just look at the rider.
    If his feet are close to the horse’s front legs and his weight is back, he’s not using stirrups, and trying to keep from becoming a castrato.
    If his feet are under his hips and his posture is erect, he’s using stirrups. (And if he stands on them, which I noticed twice, he’s *certainly* using stirrups.)
    :shrug: I spent a good portion of my youth chasing cows around.

    1. Not everyone. Pliny the Younger survived.

      But, yeah, it looks horrible. Titanic and 300 crossed. Because the real story wasn’t dramatic enough.

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