TL9 Watch: no-power water filters.

Looks like Steve Jackson Games is going to have to revise GURPS High-Tech and Ultra-Tech:

…because this baby seems to be doing most of the work of a TL9 Filtration Canteen without needing a power source (it basically uses very very tiny holes to let the water through).¬† Admittedly, it can’t desalinate water and doesn’t do anything for viruses*, but this is a pretty sweet bit of applied engineering. They hand out as many of these as they can in the Third World; I’m sure that most NGOs that do wouldn’t mind a contribution or three.

Moe Lane

PS: Sorry for the digression, but I have a thing about clean water.

*For virus filtering, you want the LifeStraw Family. As I understand it, buying one of those gets a kid in Kenya clean water for a year.