Ain’t it the truth, @bdomenech. Ain’t it the truth.

And I’m not going to pretend that it’s a split-down-the-middle bipartisan problem, either.

The lack of a shared language of compromise and respect leads to ongoing and increasingly contentious clashes of faith, politics, and sexual rights, where lightning rods of courts and culture lead to flashpoints that strain social bonds, break friendships, and end the ability to have a healthy community where disagreement over law and politics does not lead to death threats on social media.

I’ve been on both sides of this issue, and – to be brutally honest about it – the Left has pretty much zero institutional knowledge about just how badly they behave towards people who disagree with them. Or, worse, towards people who agree with them, only for the wrong reasons. And far too many of the individuals who realize how badly they behave are in fact smug about the fact that they act like that. I would blame the Internet, except that’s like blaming the X-Ray machine for your inflamed gall bladder.

Moe Lane

PS: This is the point where I’m supposed to be nice and concede that my side has schmucks, too.  Yeah, sure, whatever keeps people from policing their own side.

One thought on “Ain’t it the truth, @bdomenech. Ain’t it the truth.”

  1. There’s a difference between disagreeing with someone’s thinking or beliefs and rejecting the whole person. Unfortunately the A&E scandal just reinforces the trend of hating the whole person for their beliefs. Many on the left feel perfectly justified to do or say just about anything to those that disagree with them, particularly on the gay agenda.

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