…I seem to have pulled something in my lower back.

I am accordingly typing this while sitting absolutely ramrod straight, and I have no intention of repeating this process today until I feel better.


5 thoughts on “…I seem to have pulled something in my lower back.”

  1. I just drove to DeLand from Clermont, then back. Since there is no direct route, I spent a good three hours driving. You might have pain in your lower, but I have pain all over.

  2. Icepack(s), ibuprofen, chiropractor, light posting.
    Good news it’s almost next year and you’re sick of Obamacare, so … “Best of 2013”?

  3. Na to those other remedies.

    Take: Two (2) Krispy Kreme doughnuts and then 2 (two) Alieve. Alternate a hot pad and an ice pad every 15-20 minutes until relief is forthcoming. Repeat the KKK doughnuts & alieve in ~ 12 hr.

    You’ll be OK by tomorrow night — unless you’ve really done yourself in.


    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & yours…

  4. What Spegen said. Alcohol is a muscle relaxant. Naproxin is an anti-inflammatory. Both are pain killers.
    Sadly, it’ll most likely be too late for them to help much by the time you read this.
    Take it slow. Feel better soon. Beg the kids not to use you as a jungle gym.

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