Self-Referencing Tweet of the Day, This Is Really Good Advice, Though edition.

The more I think about it, the more I want this advice spread around.

Ethan Krupp is, of course, “Pajama Boy:” and he’s now in the process of doing just the smallest* bit of damage to Obamacare, liberalism, and various affiliated processes and movements via the revelations of some of the stupider things he said when younger.

Is that fair? …Not particularly, but it’s allowable under liberalism’s own rules, so Krupp’s out of luck. My advice to the young: if you want to do politics, either get off of social media entirely or accept the fact that every stupid thing that you say will be out there and beyond your control to delete later when your IQ goes up. Because it ALWAYS looks worse when you delete entire blogs. Makes people think that you tacitly agree with your accusers.

But ignore me, I’m sure. Why, I’m almost 44. That’s practically senility territory, right there.

Moe Lane

*It is ridiculous to suggest that this guy is going to destroy Obamacare. It is just as ridiculous to suggest that he’ll generate no negative PR for his side.

5 thoughts on “Self-Referencing Tweet of the Day, This Is Really Good Advice, Though edition.”

  1. Thats not likely, 16yo are full of themselves, no way they would pass a chance to show how much smarter they are than us fuddy-duddies. Everything is still black/white morality to them, they have barely noticed shades of grey let alone blue/orange morality.

  2. He’s a much-needed laugh. That’s just about the extent of it.
    But there’s very little the average leftist hates more than being laughed at. A number of folks over there have decided to self-identify with the guy, and are taking the mockery personally.
    It’s fun to watch them squawk like wet hens, so lots of folks on our side are still poking at it.

  3. Well, at least use an alias to make it marginally more challenging to track down your regrettable comments.

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