Richard Nixon saved endangered birds; @BarackObama has ’em killed in job lots.

Kind of odd, don’t ya think?


Say what you like about Tricky Dick, but at least he didn’t put the needs of crony capitalists above endangered species. Unlike Barack Obama, who’s all Keep those Scythes of Spinning Death humming there, me boyos!

The U.S. Interior Department on Friday issued a rule that highlights a tension lingering between two key goals of the environmental movement: developing renewable energy sources and protecting wildlife.

The newly finalized rule would grant 30-year permits allowing wind farms and other projects to accidentally kill federally protected eagles, provided they meet certain criteria.

Far be it from me to suggest that said criteria involves ongoing campaign contributions. Why, that would be corrupt. And the Democrats can’t be corrupt: go ahead and ask them, they’ll tell you.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, I can’t believe that I have to yell at a Democratic President for being this incredibly indifferent to the Endangered Species Act, either. Can somebody explain to me why we were concerned about the delta smelt and not, say, bald eagles or California condors? What’s that?  “San Joaquin Valley agricultural workers don’t have any money for campaign coffers?”  Ah. Of course.  Silly me.

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