Jewish Lefty site defends Jew-baiter by… accusing Righty critics of anti-Semitism.

Did you get all of that? If not, Ed Driscoll can walk you through it.  Basically, the Jewish Daily Forward thinks that the smartest way to defend “Pajama Boy” (guess that they didn’t get the MiniTrue memo that he’s a joke) is to accuse mockers of being anti-Semites. Which is… awkward, because Pajama Boy forgot the first rule of Social Media: “NEVER WRITE ANYTHING IN COLLEGE THAT YOU’LL HAVE TO FURTIVELY DELETE LATER.*”  In this particular case, being linked to a school paper that specifically targeted Jews for ridicule and hate speech**.


Look, I’m a big boy: I get that political commentary is a full-contact sport (we will now pause as pro-democracy activists from outside the First World laugh bitterly and derisively at just how easy we have it here). But if you’re going to throw down the Jew-hating card, at least do some due diligence first.  Professional pride, and all that: this was a rookie mistake.

Moe Lane

*No, I don’t know how the heck we’re going to handle that rule in the modern era, either.  And no, it’s not particularly fair that most of the stupid [expletive deleted] stuff that I said when I was this kid’s age never ended up on the permanent record. I admit that freely. I’m showing no mercy because we’re all big boys and girls here, but I do concede that the situation is kind of difficult for younger would-be pundits and partisan hacks.

**What’s that?  Oh, it was supposed to be humor.  Yeah, that excuse shows up a lot.  Usually by people who don’t actually know what humor is, but they’ve been told that “Can’t you take a JOKE?” is the verbal equivalent of a Get Out Of Jail Free card.

3 thoughts on “Jewish Lefty site defends Jew-baiter by… accusing Righty critics of anti-Semitism.”

  1. Isn’t it wrong to assume he’s Jewish because of the way he looks?
    Oh right. That’s “different.” Carry on.

  2. I felt sorry for him at first when this sorry came out. The article, which I read yesterday, set me back on that. Based on his online comments he might have been willing to give as much as he got if this had happened to a conservative. It is wrong to suggest that criticizing someone is somehow automatically a slam on their entire ethnic heritage. It’s like hiding behind your mother’s skirt.

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