Wait, kids get in trouble for this?

Saw this via Facebook, and I am a bit surprised that this sort of thing is an issue.


I mean, I used to do this sort of thing all the time.

Moe Lane

PS: Snopes rates this one as “Undetermined.”  I just note this in order to make it clear that I at least checked.

10 thoughts on “Wait, kids get in trouble for this?”

  1. If a son of mine brought home a note like that, he’d get a sundae for sticking to his guns. The principal would get an explanation that no such detention would be served. The school board would get a polite request to review the “teacher’s” credentials and record.
    Defiance to authority is a REQUIREMENT when the authority is wrong.

  2. I got in trouble for that a time or two, but not in any official capacity.
    A black mark on your record for this? Oh I’d be seeking scalps. So glad my kids are either home-schooled or go to catholic school.

  3. Yeah, unfortunately, the teacher has the backing of a union that has soaked up who k owns how many billions of taxpayers money. Poor Alex has only the truth on his side…..

  4. I read this twice, trying to understand what the teacher was saying…turned to hubby and asked him, “isn’t a kilometer a little less than a mile?” Hubby confirmed said fact. So, this teacher expects that a student should accept a clearly erroneous math statement without challenging the teacher? No wonder we’re falling behind in math and science – how can we solve quantum physics equations if we’re not going to allow 2 + 2 = 4? (This wasn’t even a matter of asking for exact numbers, just basic knowledge of whether a mile is greater or lesser than a kilometer.

    That fact is important to know when Americans travel overseas. 🙂

  5. Oh, that sort of thing has always been an issue with sufficiently insecure teachers. I got detention over 50 years ago for insisting that humans had 46 chromosomes when the textbook showed a different number. I got detention for choosing a sentence to diagram that required 20 sheets of paper and posting my homework along the hall. I did not get detention for choosing a bit of the Song of Roland, with authentic Old French pronunciation, as my required poetry recitation in French II…but for that one I probably should have.

    Looking back,I’m surprised and grateful that none of my teachers actually killed me.

    1. Fricking awesome.
      I still have fond memories of getting kicked out of Art class. The teacher insisted that the definition of art was “anything that provokes an emotional reaction”. With that in mind, I set to work with a will. Art was achieved. He never used that definition again.

  6. I had teachers who probably wanted to MB, but then on the discussed subject matter they realized the people I knew were way worse than anyone they had ever met. It was an argument about speedballing in college, just before the Richard Pryor incident. It wasn’t the first time for an argument with a teacher over facts or the last for that matter. And I agree with Crawford strenuously: “Defiance of authority when authority is wrong IS A REQUIREMENT!” Have faith and fear not especially when you KNOW your right! And Gator a Klick is .8 tenths of a mile. Try to keep up.

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