“Five things Obama must do to avoid lame-duck status.”

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines) Amazingly, none of them involve “Invent time travel.”  Which is a shame, because of the five they picked, “Minimize the liabilities” and “Keep the base energized” have a certain “bell the cat” vibe to them; “Take a page out of the Clinton playbook” is going to be a little bit difficult without any sort of, you know, triangulation scheduled*; and “Hold the line against the GOP” and “Go undercover” flat-out contradict each other.  For that matter, assuming that the President just goes and hides on a golf course for the next three years; how is that functionally different from being a lame-duck, anyway?

Yes, I know: the Hill is just trying to generate some dang content during a slow news period.  I’m not exactly in a position to judge, am I?

Moe Lane

*Although if the President wants to reverse his gutting of welfare reform then I suppose the Republican party could be persuaded to at least listen.  Assuming that the price was right, of course.

3 thoughts on ““Five things Obama must do to avoid lame-duck status.””

    1. Sepuku would work for me…. oh, right, he’d need a sense of honor for that. Forget I said anything…..

  1. This is a good thing. This is possibly a *very* good thing.
    The media are starting to give up on covering for the worst president in history, the president who redeemed Jimmy Carter…
    Of course,t his doesn’t mean they’ll suddenly become rational conservatives or something .. but it does mean if they go into 2014 depressed, and if the 2016 Dem presidential timber is as thin as it looks (and it looks as thin as 2004 … remember? http://ace-o-spades.blogspot.com/2004_01_01_ace-o-spades_archive.html#107342255738179485) we are in for some *epic* media meltdowns.

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