“Five things Obama must do to avoid lame-duck status.”

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines) Amazingly, none of them involve “Invent time travel.”  Which is a shame, because of the five they picked, “Minimize the liabilities” and “Keep the base energized” have a certain “bell the cat” vibe to them; “Take a page out of the Clinton playbook” is going to be a little bit difficult without any sort of, you know, triangulation scheduled*; and “Hold the line against the GOP” and “Go undercover” flat-out contradict each other.  For that matter, assuming that the President just goes and hides on a golf course for the next three years; how is that functionally different from being a lame-duck, anyway?

Yes, I know: the Hill is just trying to generate some dang content during a slow news period.  I’m not exactly in a position to judge, am I?

Moe Lane

*Although if the President wants to reverse his gutting of welfare reform then I suppose the Republican party could be persuaded to at least listen.  Assuming that the price was right, of course.


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