So, apparently Shia LaBeouf reads RedState.

Only apparently ironically. The denouement of LaBeouf’s descent into plagiarism:

The Twitter apologies continued until New Year’s Eve, when LaBeouf wrote on Twitter that he was sorry for “offending you for thinking I was being serious instead of accurately realizing I was mocking you,” a statement that was taken from a Red State article and that declared a strange sort of victory. But none of this started off as an attempt at ironic plagiarism.

At least, we hope. Personally, I liked Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull more than most of my colleagues, but the various Transformers movies left a bad taste in my mouth.

Moe Lane

PS: I actually don’t want to be too hard on the kid.  Nobody’s paying him to think, which is apparently why he’s so bad at it…

5 thoughts on “So, apparently Shia LaBeouf reads RedState.”

  1. I’m sure Red State will forgive him if he gives a very generous donation.

  2. Let’s play the “name that party” game. I’m pretty sure Shia is a big Obama and Obamacare supporter.

  3. I honestly liked the first transformer movie better then the Indiana Jones Crystal Skull. Mainly because my inner 9 year old loves watching giant robots beat the crap out of each other.

  4. This sort of ( if you squint) looks like he plagiarized Obama’s apology.

    I was truly moved by his piece of work & I knew that it would make a poignant & relevant short. I apologize to all who assumed I wrote it.— Shia LaBeouf (@thecampaignbook) December 17, 2013

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