“Whistles The Wind.”

Whistles The Wind, Flogging Molly

Must must must go see this band, sometime.

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  • BigGator5 says:

    “Go on.”
    “Well, all the rest of the day I kept calling his home and cell phone, to no avail. The next day I called the cops and they broke down the door to his house. They found no other forced entry into the house and concluded that there was no sign of a struggle in the house. I gave them a statement and voluntary gave them my prints to eliminate me as a suspect, seeing as I have never been in that house before. But you must know this already?
    “The next day I had the door repaired after the investigators sweeped the house of any clues. After they were done and having found much of nothing, I decided to do some investigating of my own.
    “I choose to start by talking to the nearest neighbor. Of course the ‘nearest’ meant he was a mile away.”
    “And this neighbor of your uncle is a Mr. James Peterson, aka ‘Wildeye Peter’?”

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