Most of the upper half of the country is going to get hammered by a cold front.

Plan accordingly.

Frigid temperatures gripped a wide swath of the U.S. Midwest and Northeast on Saturday, as the regions dug out from a deadly snow storm and braced for another blast of dangerous winter weather.

A new round of Arctic air will bring potentially record low temperatures in areas from Montana to Michigan starting this weekend, with the extremely cold air pushing eastward and blanketing the Northeast by early Tuesday, said Bob Oravec, a forecaster with the National Weather Service.

It’s going to be cold-cold, ladies and gentlemen: temperatures around zero in the North East, worse than that in the Midwest.  Canada is currently having an argument about whether it’s really as cold as Mars right now, but even the killjoys arguing ‘no’ are conceding that it’s bleeping cold out right now.  I’m serious: plan accordingly. Because it’s looking like it’s going to get nasty out.

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “Most of the upper half of the country is going to get hammered by a cold front.”

  1. The forecast for Tuesday morning is 9º… in west central Georgia. This $#!* ain’t funny………

  2. Wife is heading to Packer game with friends. The credit card had no upper limit for warmer boots, etc. Going to be a memorable experience for her. Me? I’ll enjoy the game in the basement. Oh, and, forecast *high* for Monday…-13. The joy of spring is not truly felt, in your bones, until you’ve done winder in the upper Midwest.

  3. OK, why are people freaking out about winter?
    Even LIVs are intimately familiar with the concept, and the time of year when it tends to happen.
    Seriously. We had a pretty decent blizzard followed by a cold snap about a month back. It was pretty unremarkable. The only thing really worth talking about, was that the EPA mandated “environmentally friendly” de-icer has a freezing point above what our high temperatures were. We really appreciated the snowplows taking the time to put a fresh coat of ice on the roads.
    Don’t get me wrong, few things on this earth grate on my nerves quite like squeaky snow. But if that’s the worst thing I encounter all year, I’ll have had a remarkably good year.
    (Granted, it sucks if you’re a lineman for the county*. Or run livestock. But most people aren’t, and don’t.)
    *Classical reference

  4. It’s -20 outside now at 2250, -30 the likely low later. Same tomorrow and tomorrow night for sure, then . . . ?

    That’s seventy degrees colder than I keep my refrigerator.

    I’ve never been so cool that thirty below isn’t worth mention.

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