Ariel Sharon’s condition grows worse.

Expect some vicious, nasty gloating from the anti-Israel crowd some time this month:

The medical condition of Israel’s former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is deteriorating further and only “a miracle” could stop the decline, the head of the hospital treating him said Monday.

Dr. Zeev Rotstein, director of the Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv, said the comatose Sharon remained in a life-threatening condition.

“Unless there is a turn on the level of a miracle, his condition will get worse and worse from day to day,” Rotstein told reporters at the hospital.

Well.  I mean, even more vicious, nasty gloating than usual. There’s a certain contingent of the Activist Left that saves its worst venom for when their target is safely dead, and the people who are in mourning about that are at the height of their vulnerability.  Some of the worst offenders have been hoarding their spite for almost a decade, now; I expect that it’s going to get very, very tasteless.

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “Ariel Sharon’s condition grows worse.”

  1. Funny, I thought about him for no reason just a few days ago. I’d thought that he had died some time after having those strokes and going comatose. I appear to have been wrong…

  2. There are many a person (other than Robertson) who believe that this is “God’s Judgement” for “giving away” large swaths of Israel in an effort to appease the Palestinians and the International Left.
    Book of Joel 3:2 – Judgement for the division of His [God’s] Land [Israel]

  3. I think he’s more hated for definitively proving that “Land for Peace” is an outright fraud, than any of the reasons normally claimed. [shrug] And even those are extremely tendentious. I takes a large amount of koolaid to believe he’s somehow responsible for atrocities committed between factions during the Lebanese civil war. (That the same people give Syria and Hezbollah a pass on the atrocities they actually committed during that war, pretty much tell you everything you need to know.)

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